United Flight 627

Today, at around 1 PM EST, United Flight 627 skid off the runway of Newark International Airport. Luckily, no incidents were reported. Here’s the live https://abc7ny.com/plane-skids-off-runway-at-newark-airport;-all-planes-grounded/5348199/


Thanks for sharing! and thanks for adding a link, all i’ve seen so far is the speculations on instagram…

Can you give me the link to it on Instagram, thx.

Its all instagram stories or DMs, I don’t have a link…

All the people onboard survived, but I think that the plane has been written off.


Good news for the passengers but bad news for United.

nope, it return to service

It has returned to service already?

It was repaired.

So the plane received only some damages so it wasn’t written off. However, the plane was repaired and returned to service.

I don’t think it’s been repaired, they may have been using another 757 for the route.


The plane was exactly the same

Judging by above the registration number is different, therefore it’s a different plane/s @Maverick.

It’s using the Boeing 757-200 tho

Dude, they don’t just have one 757-2 in service.

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Yes the one which made the emergency may be out of service, but they still have other 757-2 to use as a backup aircraft. Provided in your screenshots above it shows different 757-2 aircraft judging by registration numbers above. There is nothing showing it flying the route again after incident.

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The last flight of N26123 (emrg ac) was on June 15th, the date of the incident. This means the aircraft is not back in service but the route is still operating by other 757s.

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