United Inc pilots needed mainline

Hello there, United Inc is looking for pilots in IFPAX to join our airline. We are currently ranked 22 and would like help making it to the top 10 as our goal. SFO LAX DEN ORD EWR IAD IAH are all available. We would like 777 737 and A320 pilots. We have over 150 daily routes domestic and international! We are also excited to be expecting the 777-300ER to the fleet. We have brand new aircraft with low time.

Pilot requirements:
90% average IFPAX rating.
At least 50 flights completed before applying
<50 violations total
Grade 3 minimum

Pilot expected workload; at least 3 flights a week. Those who run A320/737 routes more than 7 a week may apply for 777 routes with a 95% average. One month minimum on 737/A320

If interested pls pm United Inc


hello @United_Inc:

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Thank you!