Updated Jet2Holidays Boarding Music

I would like to see the Jet2Holidays boarding music updated. Personally, This safety announcement and boarding music is one of my most favourite of all airlines and I’m sure most of you would like it.

Jet2Holidays Boarding Music:

Jet2Holidays Safety Announcement:

Maybe a way for different announcements on different aircraft as well as thats just for 737 but on topic, great request you have my vote.


I really want the Jet2.com safety demo to be updated it’s so much better than the old one


Thanks @Romankastelijn and welcome to the community.

@NationofAviation he music that is currently set is the one i recently heard on a jet2 flight so i know its accurate.

the sound you have is mainly used for commercials.

As for the safety announcements…again its like the one you have without the b737-800 part at the start to keep it generic.

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I’m sorry I don’t quite understand, Do you mean that this is not the current music on-board Jet2?

Yeah sorry for the typo. I mean the music that currently plays in the app for Jet2 is correct and one of the songs they actually play during boarding.

Dint know that luqmanh, However, Since most people like the old one better, how about changing the old one to the new one. Cheers.

Jet2 boarding music and safety announcement are so good just like China Southern, damn. How can the Jet2 safety announcement and boarding music be so good? :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:

It is indeed, Which one are you referring to tho?

the one show in feature request

Yes, I agree, it truly is :slight_smile:

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That’s television commercial music.

and their old boarding music*

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ive updated the sound pack to the one in original post.

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