V Speeds and Pilot Callouts/announcements development

I am requesting that further development go into V speeds and pilot callouts as there is just a check mark to indicate if you want V speeds or not. We need further development, such as, Gear callout, flap callout, etc. As well as possibly adding buttons to activate certain pilot announcements. (These will not require a subscription) I know I am asking for a lot, and I know it won’t be easy, but it is something that I am, (and pretty sure others as well) want in this app.

Hey, there is something called IF Assistant that does just that! V Speed, Flaps, Stalls and much more. Check out there IFC topic:

What about further development into announcements like activating pilot announcements when you want? That is a feature that I’m sure many people would want.

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Yeah I think this is needed as well!! I’d rather not have infinite flight assistant and IF Pax both running, it would probably kill my iPad!! I would rather pay for 1 app that will do the whole job.
I wonder when the next update will be for this app, there hasn’t been one in ages!!!
I hope they are developing all off these things…

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Yes! Same! I think we can all agree on this.

Please vote on this and share it with other people if you want this to happen!

They scammed me !!!
Don’t use it !!!

What do you mean they scammed you?

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I use it and it is amazing. If you are having issues check the IFC. Or message this person on the IFC :slight_smile:

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Yes, I just installed IFAssistant yesterday and it’s amazing!

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I did, but Swiss blames John, and John blamed Swiss. I hate them and their app, don’t use it ! Boycott them !!!

Please can we keep this on topic, this is not a place to argue over who did what and who said what. It’s a completely different app!