Version 5.2.0 of Infinite Passengers is finally here!


Version 5.2.0 of Infinite Passengers has now been rolled out to your devices and should be available for download.

We’re sorry!

We’re really sorry that you’ve had to wait this long for an update :sob:, however it’s finally here! We hope you enjoy what’s packed into this one.

Let’s talk about what’s new!

Fresh New Logo & Design

We have revamped our user interface of the app, take a look!

Based on: UI Revamp (change the looks)

Income for pilots

We’ve added the ability for users to earn income even if you aren’t flying for your own airline. Simply do a flight for any other airline and you can still earn income even if it’s not your own airline.

Known issues:

Not all previous sound packs are appearing Hotfix now released which should fix the missing sound pack issue.

If you spot any other issues then let us know in #support.

Let us know your feedback on the new UI also. We’d love to hear from you and if we could do anything different!

Remember: Reviews always count! We’d love it if you would take a few moments to leave a review for this update in your respective app stores.

If you experience any difficulty then remember #support is here for any support requests.

Thanks for your continued support and feature requests!

Enjoy the new update!


Exllecent! Cannot wait to try it out!

Something to refresh! Great! (:


Nice update. This newest update allows a player to select an airline easier than the previous version due to the larger select botton.

Hotfix now released which should fix the missing sound pack issue.


Thank you for the Hotfix in this situation with the missing sounds, I thought it was for lack of use, Thank you. Now to enjoy ipax.

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