Vietjet Air Sound Pack

Since Vietjet Air is a Vietnamese low-cost carrier, and the A321, which is the only the aircraft to feature Vietjet Air livery in Infinite Flight, then it might be great to add Vietjet Air Sound Pack as it is missing from Infinite Passengers app.
Safety demo:

Boarding music:

Good request worldairways , hope to see this soon. Good low cost carrier

I forgot we had this livery in Infinite flight. I love vietjet airline and hope this comes soon.

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Thanks. I think this Sound Pack might be added by the end of this month.


Let’s hope it will be added at next update. Hopefully the developer adds it for us’.


I agree. We really need this Sound Pack as it’s still missing from the app. Once it has been added, I’ll be able to use this Sound Pack when using a plane with VietJet Air livery, along with Vietjet Air Sound Pack. Let’s hope if this Sound Pack to be added in the next update.

very nice is the video

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Thank you for commenting about my videos. I can’t wait to see if this Sound Pack has been added.

Cool! I literally just landed from Vietnam around an hour ago!

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We need it. The A321 is the only plane to feature the Vietjet Air livery.

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When will it be added?

Great feature request.

More Vietnam soundpacks please add.

I agree. Since the Vietnam Airlines Sound Pack is the only Vietnamese airline to be included in the app, then the Vietjet Air Sound Pack should be added as well. The A321 is the only plane included in Infinite Flight to have the Vietjet Air livery. I have been waiting to see this Sound Pack for longer than five months after this feature request has been created. Let’s take a look at this page for more information about Vietjet Air:

I hope that this Sound Pack will be added before the end of this year so I can subscribe the subscription for one month until the subscription expires.


You got my vote, nice request.

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Infinite Passengers is really lacking Vietnam soundpacks. I supported you and voted, hopefully it is added soon.

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I know. Vietjet Air and Vietnam Airlines are both well-known Vietnamese airlines, and Vietjet Air is also the Vietnamese’s first low-cost airline. Now we have got only the Vietnam Airlines Sound Pack and I hope to see the Vietjet Air Sound Pack as well. Let’s get some more votes so the Vietjet Air Sound Pack to be added. I can’t wait to see for a long time. I hope to see this Sound Pack by the end of this year.

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