View Remaining Subscription Time In App

In the app currently you can’t see how long you have left of your subscription without a trip to the App Store or memory. I’m suggesting a feature which is similar to Infinite Flight where you can see when your subscription will run out in the IF PAX app, could be a new page or extended onto your profile page. I believe this will make it much easier for users to see when their subscription will expire without having to go external each time.

This has been missing for a while, handy thing to have, you have my vote!, greetings.


I personally do not think it’s a high priority feature for now as you could always go via app store view subscription section.

I personally find it’s much easier just to have it in the app and makes more sense.

Indeed, or just go here:

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Just make it in the app as it’s simple.

Easy to say, but would you know how to do it?

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I believe he means it would be simpler for the user to check.