Virtual airline ranks

Hi. Does anyone know how I check the rank of a VA?

Check in the Search menu, I think it shows you the ranking somewhere (1-600+)


I am referring to this, notice how there are ranks in each VAsimage

What are you asking? You just gave an answer to your question…


He wants to know how to find them for airlines he’a not in.

I can’t check. I’m on holiday. Can someone else please give it a quick check and help him out, thanks

I want to know how to check the rank of the other VAs

Press Stats and you can see there. They are ordered by rank


The ranks don’t match although one of the stats were pretty close(my username is aces of the ace, just an FYI) image image image image

@luqmanh pls help me

The rank is based on the tab you are on. Daily rank, weekly rank, monthly etc.

What do you mean by tab? Also, what is Rank #542 represent?

In the top it says: Year, Month, Day etc

If you select day it will show the rank for the airline only today, same with if you select year. It will shows the airlines rank in the whole year.

Then how come my va is rank 542

That is this month, it is rank #524 for this month

Oh ok, I see it now. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hold on, one more thing: if it is rank 542 this week, then why is my va rank 5281 in weekly leaderboard?

What’s your va’s name

FlyDelta virtual airlines

I got them mixed up, check my post again (I’ve edited it)