Viva Aerobús Soundpack

I noticed that the livery of Viva Aerobús will be in Infinite Flight, so I request this soundpack. It would be nice to have the soundpack with the launcher of the new update.

Safety Announcement:

Landing Instruction:

Viva Aerobús don’t have a song but has this advertising:

Hello, very much in agreement with the idea although VivaAerobus does not have a boarding music package, and the videos are only for presentation. The sound of security is the basic one, in this case it would be the generic one…

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Unfortunately I can’t edit the thread, but here is a new video with only the safety instructions:

I would love to have it in the next update if IPAX, hopefully the Viva Aerobus livery will be added soon.

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I will add the new link to your original thread for you.

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Thanks @aegirN, I appreciate it

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hello . I hope you will add the vivaaerobus sound pack as this new paint is out on Airbus 320.

^ above is an additional post about the sound packs that was merged into this one

Any mod can change the safety announcement and the song please?

Can you explain what you mean?

hello. I hope this add as soon as possible.