VLOG: Feeding Local Air Traffic Controllers


Hello IF PAX:

Today I present you with another video. In this video, @Searcyaviator and I go down to our local class C airport to feed our local air traffic controllers. Now, I made another thread that talks about the experience which can be found here: Feeding Local Air Traffic Controllers, but I wanted to create another thread because the video deserves its own post. In the video, we talk about what we are doing and then our experiences after. With all of that being said, we do include some VERY IMPORTANT announcements that some of you guys might want to hear. The video can be found here:https://youtu.be/wluFEkIpqWs . If you like the video, please do not forget to subscribe, like and comment.

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Exciting news, guys! Excited to see your shirt designs, and it was nice to hear a little more about your experience while bringing the controllers a meal. Also, don’t forget to buckle up, Ryan :wink:

One small issue, I can’t really hear you guys at all because of the music from 16:40 on out. May want to consider editing and re-uploading. Other than that, fantastic!


Thanks Riley. I will look into the music thing as I had thought I turned it down.


@rileymoyer it should be fixed now! Let me know what you think


Well done guys! Helpful video and good example of kindness towards all airmen which work on the ground for our safety in the air. Blue skies :+1:


Don’t gave time to watch it now, will later. :slight_smile: