Voting Limit Increase

Hey everyone,

We have now made a slight change to the number of votes per user trust level here on the forum.

This new change should hopefully help you vote on a few more things that you really want to see added from the #features category. This should hopefully help you determine more favourable features on which you want to vote for.

Our new voting limits are:

Trust Level No of Votes
TL0 (new user) 5
TL1 (basic user) 7
TL2 (member) 9
TL3 (regular) 13

Any used votes are returned once the feature is added and the topic closed. Use these votes wisely as you won’t have anymore and vote for things you really want. You may find at times you’ll have to remove votes and use them on more favourable features. Be sure to vote for your own request to show support.

Don’t forget to check out About the Features category if you need any additional information on how to create a feature request.

We hope that this increase in voting limit should satisfy everyone, however we’re always open to feedback! We will see how we go with these newly imposed limits.

As always, if you have any other suggestions then please feel free to create a topic in #meta.

Thanks to the following topic for bring up this suggestion: I have a question about voting in #features


Screenshot 2018-12-10 at 23.15.23


Awesome! Thanks.


I love it, thanks so much :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Thanks @anon85169546 nice addition.


Finally can vote on more thing’s

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Excellent news, thanks for giving us more votes, greetings.


How many votes do staff have? @aegirN

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Yeah I’d like to know too @aegirN.

It’s 14 votes, just one number above TL3.


Thanks for the answer.