vRYR is now recruiting!


vRYR is recruiting!

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Low fares are our priority.


vRYR is a Ryanair-enthusiast group of experienced members willing to do their best at flying for vRYR.
Our VA is a VA that is more unique than others. A custom-made logo, a highly professional communication platform, website, an exciting yet dynamic promo video, and super kind staff members that are willing to help out at any moment. Scroll down below! Maybe you’ll like it.


We may seem like we have the smallest fleet in the world, but maybe we’ll change your mind by saying this:

We have 400+ Boeing 737-800 aircraft and we have 1 special 737-700 used for Charters and Training.


Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Manufacturer: Boeing
Seats: 189
Class configuration: Single
Cabin height: 7 feet 1 inch
Engines: Two CFM56-7B Engines
Cruise speed: 850km/h

Unfortunately, there is no clear Ryanair 737-700 information.


We have a lot of destinations that maybe you will like to check out!

Here is a spreadsheet of our destinations:


We have a professional phpVMS CrewCenter for all our pilots to use. 7637 schedules with over 400+ aircraft.



We have a long list of available staff positions, and we are recruiting them right now!

Role User
Chief Executive Officer @Speed
Chief Operating Officer Nono45_FR
HR Manager Available
Events Manager ClickbaitGD
ATC Team Member #1 Culifornio
ATC Team Member #2
ATC Team Member #3
ATC Team Member #4
Chief Pilot
Chief Staff
ATC Manager

Interested? PM me!


Ryanair Virtual Training Program - Pattern around EIDW

At Ryanair Virtual, we always make sure that we only have the best pilots that fly for our VA. We always search for pilots who are experts at flying and know how to control a plane properly.

Throughout the procedure, pilots will have to try their best and do what they usually would do when flying a plane, for example, how they contact ATC, when they contact ATC, how they land the plane, in what situations do this and that, but first they need to pass the theoretical exam. They will basically be rated of how they do everything. The minimum for the theoretical exam is 10 points, max is 30. For the practical exam, the minimum is 20 points, the maximum is 30. But don’t worry, if you fail, you can always retry in 2 weeks. Here at Ryanair Virtual, we recommend that throughout the 2 weeks, you practice flying with the Boeing 737 and look at tutorials on how to use ATC properly. This will ensure you will pass!

What will you do in this procedure?

Once you pass your written exam, you will go to the practical exam. You will do a simple pattern around any suitable runway at EIDW. In this exam, you are not allowed to use an FPL.

You can use APPR to line yourself up with the runway (since IF 18.6 added to the 737’s an APPR).

IFPAX Account

Our IFPAX Account is: vRYR Official


Role Minimum hours
Junior 0 hrs
Sr. Junior 20hrs
Second Officer 65hrs
First Officer 100hrs
Jr. Captain 190hrs
Captain 280hrs
Sr. Captain 400hrs
Commander 500hrs

Thank you for reading!


I would advise getting in contact with: RyanAirIF Virtual

If anything happens or you need moderator assistance, don’t hesitate to contact @moderators


Honestly, this is the real vRYR, that is actually in the process of getting approved. That RyanairIF is not part of the IFC in any way, shape or form.


There is no requirement for an airline in IFPAX to be in the IFC or IFVARB approved to be posted here in #recruitment. Only thing we do ask is that it is in operation in the IFPAX app, I fully understand what you think. But I would contact them about this. You’ll work out a solution.


I understand.

We definitely can’t have 2 of the same VA’s at once. And I have no idea what this solution will be.

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I would contact them about this. Like I said if anything happens @moderators are always here

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Yes, I just contacted them. Honestly, I don’t know how this will work out. Time will tell…


Well there are more than 10 Lufthansa VA’s in-app for example so i don’t see a problem.

Please remember though that we are entirely seperate from the IFC in all regards. However for your VA to be in accordance with VARB Guidelines, members must be part of the IFC so i’d reccomend you sticking to advertising on the IFC then offering the IP App Airline to your members without advertising on the IPC to maintain ability to follow VARB Guidelines.

Best of luck and feel free to DM me if you have any more questions.


Only one has a requirement thread, theres two RyanAir threads…


True. But multiple threads might even be better to make so competition.


I disagree. One of each airline on the forum is enough, otherwise people will probably join one but think they’re in the other or things like that and it will end up a huge mess.


As Pidge said, there’s no need for 2 of the same VAs as it is unnecessary and there can be confusion as they sometimes would not know what VAs they are in so it can be a problem.


I agree with Ken_Wei and pidge. It will definitely cause confusion.


I don’t agree with there being another Ryanair on here! We got here first and now there’s 2 of us!


You have been messaged by the user, please discuss a plan there. Thanks


You cant just come along and create another and then ask the first one to leave? IFP ypu can have as many of the same as you please.


On the forum we prefer that there’s only one of each airline. In the game there can be lots, an example is that there’s over 10 Lufthansa Airlines in the app. While only one is on the forum.


Totally agree with that matey. Do you know which of the two was created first? Would that count based on when they were created? Or is it based on how well it is managed? Because this one here has just self proclaimed originality and mocked the other. The newer of the two should have done some checks to see if they was crossing paths. Evidently they havnt


They are both in discussions with each other, they will work out a solution, for now we wait and see what they figure out.