Welcome aboard music after safety announcement?

Welcome aboard music after safety video?

Hey, what do you guys think about this feature that we currently have embedded in the app?

I’m undecided… I love the welcome aboard music but I’m not sure how I feel about it coming on again after the safety announcement…

What do you think?


I personally enjoy listening to the music while taxiing down to the runway.


Around the world. Is it common practice? I’ve not seen it before, other than on Saudi air, where they play music and then a prayer just before departure.

I personally like listening to the boarding music while I prepare my flight.


I like listening to it at the beginning but during taxi after safety briefing seems a bit odd. Nice added bonus though. I wouldn’t mind if it was to stay or to be removed.


I like it for the added bonus. May not be 100% realistic but I like to hear it whilst taxiing.

I feel like many airlines conduct this part of their flight differently.

Some airlines begin playing music again after the safety video and they are taxing to the runway and some do not.

I feel like in Infinite Passengers, it would be great to keep it as it is! It gives you something to listen to on the way to the runway!


What is the “welcome aboard music”

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I think it’s the music that’s played before you push back and plays when connected to Infinite Flight at the start.

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