What do you want from Infinite Passengers in 2020?

Which new features would you hope that Infinite Passengers will add to the app in 2020?

Bonus points for stating why.


I want Infinite Passengers to try adding these…

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a lot more sound packs with new features. I like surprises so I’ll be happy with anything that they add.


Ability to send flight replays to airline owners.


More community integration and sound packs.

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What do you mean by this as technically you can already send infinite Flight replays?


I mean they could send all of the Infinite Passengers Flight data to the owner for things like flight logging.


Oh so an actual reporting feature for logging?

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I hope to see the Vietjet Air Sound Pack the most. Go to this page for more details:


what sort of community integration?

I think discourse has an api than Luqman can add for the latest topics.

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More sound packs and adaptation per aircraft type is my hope.


I hope they fix some minor bugs

I don’t mind, anything they can add at the moment is a bit of a bonus and ai like surprises so I don’t mind, I’ll be happy with what they want to add first

How about a “turbulent message”
After cruise we turn off the seat belt sign and it states “ladies and gentleman, the fasten seatbelt sign has been turned off, however we always recommend keeping your seatbelt fastened while seated Incase of turbulence”

Okay well we have had flights where it got really bumpy hitting 1.7Gs

My idea would be that the seatbelt sign would be turned back on or the message would play above a 1.3G pull stating “ the captain had turned on the fasten seatbelt sign while we get through this turbulent weather. Please stay seated until the captain had turned the seatbelt sign back off”

The best way to request something is to make a #features request.

Yes planning on having a small collapsable dialog box with controls such as serve lunch, seat belts, etc.