What is Turbulence?

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Firstly, let’s discuss what is turbulence? Just because it’s an interesting subject.

Basically, the Dictionary of Aviation states that turbulence is: “an irregular motion of the atmosphere“ actually to make this more if a simple explanation: waves of air moving at a particular speed meets air of different mass and speed.

Here is an explanation. Effects and results

How can you prevent injury?

Basically wear a seat belt. However, in severe cases seat belts do not work.

Can it cause damage to an aircraft?

The answer I generally found is no. It can cause structural damage in extreme cases, not to the extent of wings falling off though.

“The modern aircraft is manufactured to withstand an enormous amount of stress , including turbulence.”

Here is an interesting fact I found… 90°!

However, as we know flying is the safest method of travel so we can be sure that turbulence won’t affect the aircraft. However, in extreme cases it can mess us the cabin. Here is another cool fact:

Passengers could take a flight every day for 241 years before experiencing an accident with one fatality on board.

Thanks for reading and I hope it was informative.

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Do you have other sources to back this up?

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Surely extreme turbulence will have effect on the aircraft?

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Apparently in the picture it says it can cause structural damage. :man_shrugging:


Yes but you say after it cannot cause damage.

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Interesting read. There is definitely a difference in chop and turbulence. I know extreme and severe turbulence can cause structural damage to the plane. It’s also not very fun to ride in