When the Event will start


As I am looking that for a long time you are not bringing any event though you told that you will bring the first IP Community Event as soon as possible after you get the public votes. It’s almost or more than a year that you uploaded the thread for voting in the Events Category. So now can you please bring the first IP Community Event this month as soon as possible. It’s very embracing to just wait for a long time. Can’t wait more. Please be quick in bringing an event as soon in this month. Please kindly tell me what you think( All Moderators) Also I want the support of all members of the community so that the moderation team can bring an event quickly.

Best Regards

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I believe they’ll announce the first event when they are ready to do so. I am well aware it’s been a long time and we are too exicted looking forward to our first event but just try to be patience :wink:

Hi Pratik

We certainly understand that it can be quite annoying having to wait a while for an event, however we have a few hold ups at the moment.

We are pretty busy as you can imagine outside the forum. We have had to undergo a few staffing changes also… meaning we haven’t had time to properly discuss the events moving forward.

We do understand that the community has been waiting since January, however as said a few things got out of our control.

That being said, this is something that we should still be on track with and hope to have an event released soon. I’d say we should have one up and running ASAP subject to everything running smoothly. Also, to make this happen we need community members who will participate and be active.

Again, apologies for the delay and we should have an event in the coming weeks or so.


Hi Sir Thomas

I got your point. Well I will wait for the event and will be happy to see it soon. But please don’t mind of what I wrote above. I just wrote due to my anxiety and excitement for the event. To fly with you all. Again I apologize if I wrote something wrong.:hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:

Best Regards