Who got a refund on their sound packs?

Hello everyone!
So, if you remember a while ago (around 2018 if I remember right) IF PAX moved from a “pay-per-pack service” to a “subscription service”.
Some of us lost (or so we thought) $2, some of us over $20. The owner ( luqmanh ) actually bothered to exchange everyone’s pack value for subscriptions, no matter what the value was. To be honest I personally found this very nice, and this is another reason why I 100% prefer IF PAX over IFA (They scammed/mislead me into buying something for $18 which I did not get).
Has anyone else had a extremely positive experience with IF PAX similar to this?


Hello @MMAviationYT:

Thank you for the review and feedback. While we do appreciate the review on the forum, dont forget to head over to the apple or google play store and leave a review there as well!

Umm lmao, you don’t need to seem so… obvious

Btw ofc I already did that


Well I guess I’ll ignore it next time. Just showing my appreciation for reviewing our app and saying good things.