Who to ask | About what?

Ever wondering who to ask and about what? Here I’ll try help explain who to ask :slight_smile:

How to change your username on the forums
= Only staff can change a username, make a topic in #meta and someone will change it for you. Use the exact spelling and lowercase/capital letters when writing the new name you want.

General Issues with the app
= Create a thread in #support and a Regular, Staff Member or someone else will reply and help you solve it to the best they can. If it is more complicated than normal; a staff member will be with you shortly or the Developer.

= I would suggest contacting @support directly in a MSG here on the forums so that the team can look into your case and provide a refund on your selected purchase. Refunds are handled on case by case basis.

I have questions just for a user
= Send it to them by MSG by clicking on their name:

They will reply once they check the forums again. This can be general things or just off topic questions. You can do this by pressing the flag option and selecting the top box.

Getting staff attention on a post
Doing this will send a MSG to @moderators who will look into the issue. Writing a little about why you flagged it or choosing certain option in the flagging menu will help them understand.

I have made this a Wiki for Regulars and staff to edit and add onto :wink: Please use the same format.


This should be pinned for easy access. Nice little guide.


Handy guide thanks for making this!


This will come in useful. Thank-you


No problem :slight_smile: if you have any ideas send me a msg. I’ll add them if suitable.


Thank you for the guide!! I can’t edit it though

Only regulars can edit a wiki. Feel free to message @aegirN if you have something you would like to add and then he will check it out and add it if suitable.


How come only staffs can change the username in this forum and not the other discourse forums?

Because we are the only ones with admin privileges on this specific forum. On other discourse forums it’s up to the staff whether they want to change usernames or not, but every discourse staff has the capability to.


what do you mean by that?

As in I can’t go onto another discourse forum and have any special privileges on that one. I am only a mod on this discourse forum.

Why can’t you go onto another Discourse forum tho?

I am able to access it and use it as a normal person, but I won’t have any staff powers like I do on this forum b


Now I get it. Thanks

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Remember Regulars and higher can add to the post, any ideas are accepted. After all it help the community! If you aren’t a regular or above, send me a msg by clicking on my name, with the idea in the MSG! I will add it for you if suitable.

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Just a reminder that you can also send a message by clicking the flag button and then selecting the top option. That just sends a message to the user.

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Nice presented guide. Thanks DGGR