Xiamen Air Sounds Pack


I think it would be good if the Xiamen Air boarding music and safety demo are added to Infinite Passengers.

I hope IFP can add Xiamen Airlines sound pack

Nice sound pack. Voted for it :wink:


I like the sound of that music. Cool safety announcement as well.


Bro you definitely have my vote that music is so soothing to my ears!!


Thanks for the support on this feature request!


Going to bump this!! Got my vote!!


Bumper carts (round 1)


Nice music here and very soothing. I have voted :blush:


You’ve got my vote! Great music.


This has my vote. very nice boardimg music I must say.


Thanks for the support all.


What an excellent sound pack! We need this. You’ve earned my vote.


Nice sound packs you have my vote.


One of the best boarding music out there. You have my vote for this and I hope it’s added soon.


This is a must have!


Thanks all for the support and your votes.