Youtube Video! Question and Answers with a Ramper

Hello IFP:

With this being an aviation forum, I thought I wanted to get this forum involved with a YouTube video that I want to make for my channel. This video will be a basic question and answer video with you guys (the forum) asking questions about what it’s like to be a ramper and I will answer them. You will get a shoutout in the video if I chose your question(s).


What is a ramper’s life like

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Noted. Thank u for the question

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Why don’t you just do it here instead of trying to promote your channel?
I thought channel promotion wasn’t allowed, but ok

Channel promotion? I post my videos on here all the time and this is the first time anyone has said anything. I think if it was against the rules, I would know about it. Also, whats wrong with a little but more community involvement?