Hi. My real name is Ken wei nickname aces of the ace/mvp. Want to know something about me? Sure, why not.
In real world related:

When I first discovered Infinite Flight, I thought it was just another random flight sim and because it cost money, I decided to download free apps and in 2015, I discover the first true realistic WW2 combat flight simulator call WW2 Wings of Duty(renamed to Gunship Sequel: WW2) developed by PNTK Inc(Phanotek Incorporation, originally name Phanovatives incorporation). I also downloaded other free apps such as X-plane 10(mobile), F-18 carrier landing, Gunship 3 Vietnam, Sky Gambler: Storm raider, Glory of Generals: Pacific War(a military strategy game), Naval Front-Line and NavyField as well as ATC and PC apps such as War Thunder, World of Warships, Battlefield 1942 as well as Unmatched Air Traffic Control and Airport Madness 4. In 2016, when I was in Infinite Flight Fan Group, I saw some screenshots of IF and I was wondering what if I can fly with friends online and tryout the ATC. That’s when I decided to purchase it and on December 31st, I purchase IF for good via iPad mini 4 16GB.

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My Discord: ken wei#3952
PC apps: Battlefield 2, World of Warships NA
Also feel free to DM me anything at any time

In Infinite Flight related:

                   “Let the bright future begins here”
                   “IF, stay united, stay strong and stay realism”